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Graduation is the most significant date in the academic calendar.  It is a time of celebration and pride; the culmination of many hours of hard work and sacrifice from students and their families.  It is a chance to celebrate and provides an opportunity to showcase how your school has helped develop the next wave of talent as your students move onto the next stage of their lives, knowing that what they have learned with you will stay with them forever.

Campus Global works with its University partners to create long lasting memories and strengthen links between the students and their institution.  We provide a personalized graduation apparel service that is accessible to all and celebrated worldwide as the no. 1 selling graduation gift across the world. Become a partner and we will create special mementos for your graduates and a valuable source of income for you.

Our service is completely FREE OF CHARGE. We deliver high quality products and a service that will help you grow your alumni network.  There is no cost to participate, no stock to buy and no financial risk. We simply take care of everything for you!

The income generated by working with us will allow you to give back to fund on campus initiatives other important projects across your campus, support scholarship funds or simply give back to your community.

Our experience speaks for itself. We are the originators of on-the-day personalized graduation gifts and have worked with Universities across the world for over 20 years. We attend over 800 graduations each year, across 8 countries, serving some 300,000 graduates and their families.

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